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Welcome to St Paul Church of Epleyanna!

St Paul Church

Nestled in the rolling hillside of Northwest Illinois is a church well off the beaten path — but fully of the 21st century. St. Paul's original building sat on the same site, God's presence in the New Country for the German settlers of Epleyanna.

Since 1847 a lot has changed: Epleyanna is no longer officially on the map, services are no longer in German, and our beloved old country church building burned to the ground some 57 years ago. But the church has remained all these 169 years, for the church is the people of St. Paul.

We invite you to worship with us on Sundays. You'll find St. Paul Church of Epleyanna to be a warm and welcoming congregation for newcomers and guests.

Worship schedule*:

  » 9:00 - Sunday School for all ages
  » 10:00 - Traditional/Contemporary Worship
* Subject to change. See our calendar.


St. Paul Church of Epleyanna is a member of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

St Paul Church of Epleyanna — 8800 E Epplyanna Rd — Davis, Illinois 61019
Phone: (815) 865-5314 — Email: